Container Services

Shipping private or commercial effects as a LCL by sea is one of the most economical and safest ways to move a consignment. The ocean shippers who are part of Supreme International Ltd. offer the Less than Container Load as well as FCL (Full Container Load) and consolidation options.

If you are uncertain about whether your shipment is an LCL or not, make sure that you make that clear on your request form. Companies will be able to advise and quote you accordingly based on the information you give.You can choose between 20 or 40 foot containers, and whether you want the full or self-service option for packing your FCL.

Since there is only so much that can go into an ocean going FCL, you may want to understand how the volume is calculated prior to finalizing your international moving inventory list.

There are three basic types of containers used for FCL of household goods and personal effects (HHG & PE) - 20' standard containers, 40' standard containers, and 40' high cube containers (a foot taller than the standard). The most commonly used container for HHG & PE is the 40' high cube ocean going container. It has an approximate volume capacity of 2683 cubic feet (approx. 75 cubic meters). Its internal dimensions are 39 ½ feet long, by 7 feet 8 inches wide, by 8 feet 9 inches high. However, for practical purposes, shippers can usually utilize only up to 85 percent of this volume, depending on the configuration of the load and the nature of the cargo. For household goods, a general rule of thumb is that shippers can utilize approximately 75 percent of the volume in a container (FCL including one automobile), or up to 85 percent for shipments containing only household goods and personal effects.

Consequently, 85 percent of a 40' high cube container is equal to approximately 2683 x .85 = 2280 cubic feet (approx. 63 cubic meters). Likewise, a 20' container has a volume capacity of 1,148 cubic feet (232 inches x 92 inches wide x 93 inches high - 20' containers only come in this height). At 85 percent maximum utilization, shipper will be able to ship approximately 975 cubic feet (27.63 cubic meters) of cargo in a 20' container. Therefore, once you determine the volume of your goods to ship, you will know what size container you will need and whether it is the equivalent of an FCL.

If you find out that you don't have enough cargo to fill a container, you can ship your goods on an LCL basis (less than container load) in a consolidated container. Either way, you need to determine the volume of your shipment. Contact Supreme International, Ltd. to come to your house for an estimate or they may even have a HHG inventory form for you which includes measurements and how to calculate the volume for your FCL.